Systems & Procedures

You may have the best concept, the best menu and the best decor—but that doesn’t make you successful. You need two other things to happen:

  1. You need everything to happen properly when you aren’t there

  2. You need tight cost control processes to ensure your hard worked for revenues turn into great profits

Systems and Procedures are especially important as you grow to become multi-unit concepts, but even for the single restaurant they are incredibly important. If you have designed a restaurant concept to create a 10 out of 10 guest experience, you need to ensure your staff are executing that experience every time. And then in the restaurant industry, a lack of systems and procedures can result in profit dribbling away as fast as the guests come in—product wastage, mis-portioning, overstaffing, theft. Without tight controls, a restaurant can easily dribble away 5% of sales—that’s $100,000 of lost profit for a $2 million restaurant operation.

Systems and Procedures encompass all of the operating systems to ensure that the business runs smoothly, and all aspects of execution and profit maximization are maintained. Our team at The Fifteen Group have implemented Systems and Procedures in large multi-unit operations and in small one-off concepts—we’ve helped structure the processes in over 300 restaurant operations in our 17 years.

We are the experts—let us make you a happier restaurant operator.