Case Study: Proof Kitchen & Lounge


Proof’s owners are property developers and construction company that had purchased a large desirable piece of property in Uptown Waterloo. Part of the development project was to open a hotel with a casual upscale restaurant. They had a vision that they did not want the restaurant to be another hotel restaurant, but something that could stand out in the community, so they reached out to The Fifteen Group to run with it.

We worked alongside the owner, their construction and development team as well as the hotel brand. Our team created the concept, brand, menu and operations while working closely with the designer and construction team to bring the restaurant to life.

Out team’s responsibilities included hiring the entire management team, creating the menu, systems and standards as well as launch coordination for the entire project. At that time it was the largest project the company had ever done, but is now our bread and butter.

We consider the project a huge success, and still manage and do the bookkeeping for the site to this day.

11 Erb Street West, Waterloo, Ontario



Opening Hand Holding
Brand Creation + Development

Uniform Ideation + Coordination

Photography Ideation + Coordination

Merchandise Ideation + Supply

Website Coordination

Menu Development

Staff Hiring + Training

Systems + Procedures

Kitchen Design

Design + Construction Coordination


Interior Design
Tong Tong

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