Menu Engineering

Menu Development is creating an outstanding guest experience with your menu. Menu Engineering is how that menu converts into bottom line profitability. 

Properly engineering a menu to maximize profitability is a specialty of The Fifteen Group.  We have engineered over 300 menus in our history and generally, a menu that is engineered for profit maximization using our techniques will ad 2-5% of sales to the bottom line. That is more than $40,000 per year of additional profit for a restaurant with $2 million dollars in sales (and could be $100,000 or more in additional profit). 

The first step is ensuring the entire menu is properly recipe’d and costed.  You can’t maximize menu profit unless you know the profitability of each item.

The next step is to use our QuaM (Quantity / Margin) graphs to analyze the relationship between an items popularity and its profitability.  A lot of other factors play into the decision making process as well, but this critical information is the core for effective menu planning, pricing and positioning.