Concept Development

Concept Development is creating the overall offering of the business. A lot of this development happens in conjunction with the Business Plan (to understand the financial viability and return), as well as the Brand Development (which needs to link hand-in-hand with the Concept). A number of items will be discussed in group meetings to establish at first, the big picture, and closer to opening, the finer details of the concept. Some examples of discussion points include:

  • Size of Space

  • Style of Operation

  • Style of Service

  • Flow of Operation

  • Generalized Layout

  • Audio/Visual Requirements

  • Patio (if applicable)

  • Take-out Program (if applicable)

  • Menu Style / General Content

  • Menu Board Options (For QSR Operation)

  • Uniforms — Look & Feel

  • Beverage Program (non alcoholic beverages & alcohol program components)

  • Linen / Smallwares / Glasswares

  • Staffing Model

Concept development is tied to Branding because there’s so much crossover between streams. Read more about our Brand Team here.